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Live love

Post Views = 1027I really want to sit down and close my eyes. There is an immediate need for me to forget my troubles, get rest and get my head around. And if possible, no one should wake me up. It is on a Friday night. The whole day has been quite busy and the engine in my head hums …

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Going the Homabay way

Post Views = 1943 You remember of these dreams we had when we were kids? The childhood dreams that lived with us so much than life itself? I remember one day being asked what I would wanna be in the future. I was in class four and was acing 400+ marks. “When I grow up, I want to be a …

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Of Ajira Digital and the aftermath of its women

Post Views = 1172I was going through the comments section of the blog. There are around 1k comments, most of which are spams. Going through them, I was sieving what to go and what to hold. The spams kissed the bin, while I approved the sense-making ones. Then my cursor lands on a comment from Koko on Day 2 at …

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I want to start living again

Post Views = 1408Life returns to me at around 10 in the morning. It is Saturday but I don’t have any plans to attend church. Of late I have been feeling languid courtesy of too many thoughts. They overwhelm me, and at times leave me helpless. I had made my mind that I would not go to church the other …

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Of Kilimani mums and bizarre bedroom shenanigans

Post Views = 6789PREAMBLE The intention of this blog is not to sound too vulgar or be the centre for disseminating the same. Today’s post is going to be too raw to take in. I fully comprehend that some of us are used to this nastiness, but for the preservative few, we apologize up front for the kind of lingua …

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Slices of fatherhood

Post Views = 1142I stroll into Debonairs on Muindi Mbingu Street on a Friday evening. It is a languid day. The thoroughfares and inside are full of pretty faces, gleeful probably because members day has a way of planting happiness on people’s faces. Friday implies taking a break from mean supervisors at work, a break from office work, a break …

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