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Innovation, the way to beat staggering unemployment

Post Views = 1201I am unemployed, so what? In Kenya, the unemployment rate soared to 39.1% in 2017. This clearly shows a good number of Kenyans are either jobless or looking for jobs. The latter becoming the deadliest pandemic that has engulfed the staggering numbers of graduates trickling out of colleges. Joblessness in a country is attributed to two things …

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May she live

Post Views = 1188On Fridays I usually go down to the National Museum for some writing nourishment with other writers at the Writers Guild. Over time, I have developed this obsession of attending their meetings. I bully people and things around, I talk too much, I joke a lot and learn much. That is me, getting comfortable in crowds. Before, …

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Utahama Lini?

Post Views = 1241We all have goals. If you never have goals then you are dead because how do you move to the next stage in life? Goals keep us focused and that is why you need to have some, even if it is just one simple goal that you work towards to. Something to give you hope and zest …

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Something borrowed

Post Views = 888She slumped against a lamp post. It was a Friday night, and the cold was biting to the last nerve. A billow of smoke whizzed through the air from a ciggie in her left hand. It is the only thing that fought against the cold she was feeling. She puffed it with such a want, like her …

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Tamara on the clock

Post Views = 1228Jana I had called Tamara to determine her readiness for the programme because time is running out and I may not be able to see her through the programme now that my prospects of vacating the country are coming close to reality. Our conversation was nothing serious but rather a juicy chat that sheltered more giggles than …

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Beating blue ticks, a man’s manual

Post Views = 2799In a world full of desperation, everyone is searching for something to appease their troubled inner selves. In the search for such cures for our desperation, everyone is running away from loneliness. No one enjoys weathering alone in seclusion. Inside us, there is an urge for an extension to connect to and tap some hope from during …

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