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A girl, and half

Post Views = 1470We met back in 2015 in a WhatsApp group for BAKE (Bloggers Association of Kenya). Then, it had an admin who was a stickler for rules, many of which never made sense to me, given that I’m and was used to breaking rules and forming new ones. So I could talk shit the way I liked because …

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Meet Aclyne

Post Views = 34470Photos Courtesy of Bmpicz Share on: WhatsApp Use Facebook to Comment on this Post Related Posts:A girl, and half

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Why SDA guys are underrated

Post Views = 3914It is a preconceived opinion that SDA guys are very elegant. This is especially because they are seen in suits on Sabbaths. However, the dressing code has little to do with romance. When talking about love and mutual relationships, ladies can confirm that they dream of a man who can make them feel like queens and princesses. …

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Letter from hell, and its boxers

Post Views = 1274‘From your mom.’ ‘ To Justine.’ Like the old way of how we used to write love letters to girls during high school. It is a Monday morning when I go to collect a parcel from Timo. Timo is a close friend whose postal address I have been using to import things when I need to- sometimes. …

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Dear girl friend

Post Views = 992New beginnings It is pretty clear that now we can never be a thing; even more specific that I can never have you. Worse is that I now understand that someone came before me and took what was meant to be my spot. He moved in and stayed, denying me the opportunity to try my luck on …

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The life she chose

Post Views = 825In my family, there are four kids, though I have several stepsisters who have kids even older than I am. I don’t know some of these step sissies or I have just seen them once- in funerals because that seems to be the only unifying factor for the ties they hold in Chweya’s family. My papa comes …

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