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Dear girl friend

Post Views = 921New beginnings It is pretty clear that now we can never be a thing; even more specific that I can never have you. Worse is that I now understand that someone came before me and took what was meant to be my spot. He moved in and stayed, denying me the opportunity to try my luck on …

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The life she chose

Post Views = 742In my family, there are four kids, though I have several stepsisters who have kids even older than I am. I don’t know some of these step sissies or I have just seen them once- in funerals because that seems to be the only unifying factor for the ties they hold in Chweya’s family. My papa comes …

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Of slay queens and era of beauty minus brains

Post Views = 3304Warning- Reader discretion is advised Slay queens might have been the worst tragedy that happened to this era of where beauty is rewarded whilst brains look like they lost their place in the world. The term slay queen has caught a storm and has now terribly started threatening what used to be and still is good women. …

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Breaking Bad

Post Views = 738We sit by the fire place. She keeps poking the fire with a long rod. Her brown skin glows against the light of the flames. Elsie is asleep in my arms. There is much silence decorating the room since we sat here three hours ago. Time has passed before I last laid my eyes on her. Everything …

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Death at the hospital

Post Views = 932Diseases are the enemies of people. Having read an apology from Socrates a few days ago, I wouldn’t term death as an enemy of the people. But a malady is one. Becoming ill ransacks one the flexibility to appreciate the God-given life, and furthermore the independence to eat what you find alluring. It brings wretchedness upon a …

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The enemy within

Post Views = 1689Last Wednesday I was on the run. I was running for my life as well as that of my family. In the back, I have constantly endeavored to flee from myself because there are times I demonstrated excessively deadly for myself. And on such occasions, I would forget myself, drown in women and work. Note women came …

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