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Post Views = 7364Beware of strong lingo. This week’s post is coming fairly ahead of schedule for obvious reasons that people are in the election mood (erection for my friends from Kiambu), or something close to it. This is like a surprise wedding, an early delivery of an infant scheduled for the next two months. For story lovers, it is …

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Strange strangers

Post Views = 1030It is on Monday evening when I land at JKIA from Germany. There is no one at the arrivals to pick me up because I am not of that kind- the ones who make flying in or out of the country a big deal. It should not be. This is after a two-week long visit. Even after …

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For better, for worse

Post Views = 2015For a while now I have become just like any slob doing their numerous rounds on this earth. Slothful and lacking mindfulness because shit gets somewhere and you can no longer help yourself but cut the slack and bend over to let life rummage your butt. It gets to a point where happiness seems to breathe around …

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Tamara, 30kgs down

Post Views = 883On Friday evening Tamara called. I was in town after a lunch with Yvonne, who for a while I hadn’t laid my eyes on.  She had her chips masala in the balcony of Sizzling Grill. It is always good seeing her because men love women. Not all women, specific women. Tamara’s voice had this new edge like …

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Of middle class and Concours d’elegance

Post Views = 31489On Sunday I went to the famous concuors d’elegance that is usually held annually at Ngong Racecourse, where Nairobi’s finest middle class, just like any pomp event, come to flaunt their hard earned money, toned bodies (thighs and breasts) and accents. While the women come to see where the rest of Nairobi women have reached on the …

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Innovation, the way to beat staggering unemployment

Post Views = 904I am unemployed, so what? In Kenya, the unemployment rate soared to 39.1% in 2017. This clearly shows a good number of Kenyans are either jobless or looking for jobs. The latter becoming the deadliest pandemic that has engulfed the staggering numbers of graduates trickling out of colleges. Joblessness in a country is attributed to two things …

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