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The missing link

Post Views = 1292In today’s world, hearing successful marriage stories has become a scarce commodity. The news bulletins are dotted with break-ups and divorces that include partners going after property. The institution of marriage has suffered from greed vagabonds that it no longer has any taste amongst the current generation. While this might be the case, we don’t want to …

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Fatherhood and in-laws

Post Views = 1766Last week Tuesday was Elsie’s birthday. The little woman turned 10. She started being cheeky even before hitting nine. At nine she was on Facebook; something that worried me as a father. I had to call her mother, who by the way never gave a shit about her being on Facebook. Given that she is a knucklehead, …

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Of YALI moments, and the nights we never rolled over peacefully

Post Views = 6510The first day looks like we landed on the moon from different countries. And from our space gear, we salute each other and try to get to know each other. We forget our mission momentarily and have a seat on the rocky surfaces of the moon, unsure of what our excursion will look like. We trade banters …

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A conversation with self

Post Views = 8489 There was a man I knew when I was growing up. He came from my village, in the deepest thighs of Kisii land. Same age and height, complexion and the nasty look finished his appearance off. He was the exact copy of me. You see I knew him since I was young. His mother passed on …

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They’re just children

Post Views = 3680When her maid mistreated her 22 months old baby back in 2014, every kind of journalist, humanitarian activist and other concerned men and women flocked her home and camped there to milk a story from her. Everyone wanted to be the first one to have the story from the horse’s mouth because that is what defines news …

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A story of his life- James Githeki

Post Views = 2390I met him for the first time during my third year in college. Karatina University is such a small community, but even then it might take ages to know someone unless they’re conspicuous or hold a certain position. It meant you had to be either of the two things- influential due to your position, be it a …

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