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A story of his life- James Githeki

Post Views = 2304I met him for the first time during my third year in college. Karatina University is such a small community, but even then it might take ages to know someone unless they’re conspicuous or hold a certain position. It meant you had to be either of the two things- influential due to your position, be it a …

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Post Views = 9373There is a slow music from Jidena, filtering calmly from the background as he sings of Bambi, the love of his life. It is a beautiful song, and for anyone who appreciates music and its magnificence will stay still and drench themselves in the music because it is a song you have to feel. After that then …

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Post Views = 2424It is in the evening of 12th, on a warm Sunday. Ruling inside of me is this anxiety that nothing can kill, pushing me to the edge of fretfulness because that’s what anxiety does to people. I cannot stay at one spot, or even think clearly; everything seems to move gradually, in a way that irritates me …

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A walk into the SDA church

Post Views = 3889Am I the only one who is struggling with personal identity? I have had several conversations with friends and attended a couple of seminars, identity remains a desire of ages. Listening to experts and men of accomplishments speak, you become ignited in spirit and expect things to turn upside down in a minute. I may not be …

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Welcome 2018

Post Views = 1418This is all I can tell you, it is not that I was there earlier than any of you. It happened to all of us at the same time, different timelines for some. Most of us were looking forward to it, with goals, others with no plan. Whatever the case we’re here- those of us lucky enough …

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Mzangila Network-About

Post Views = 5215  About US We want to transform our graduates into “do something for myself” rather than ‘someone do something for me.’   MGN strives to enhance lives of Kenyan youths through enrichment programmes, workshops, mentorship and events that serve to inspire individual advancement. Our programme results in the increase of confidence, courage, educational and personal development. Additionally, …

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