Cooper Jose Njoroge

Is a great thinker, writer, philosopher, poet, photographer, footballer, a student of life and politics, an aspiring mathematician and soon to be physicist. He is imaginative, analytical and highly unconventional. Tells as it is and sees things for what they are rather than what they would rather be.

To the Single Ladies

Post Views = 2679I feel so tired and sorry seeing women cry every now and then on social media over how some other woman stole their man. The story is a cliché and always goes like…”Oooh so and so stole my man, she’s such a b****, a slut with no self respect….but I’ll leave it to Karma” My point, a …

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Post Views = 786I have always held the strong belief that monogamy is not a natural state and as a wise man once mentioned, monogamy is the greatest casualty of beauty. Don’t be surprised if there is no such man because I may or may not be quoting myself. Why do I say this? First, I will provide a biological …

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