Cooper Jose Njoroge

Is a great thinker, writer, philosopher, poet, photographer, footballer, a student of life and politics, an aspiring mathematician and soon to be physicist. He is imaginative, analytical and highly unconventional. Tells as it is and sees things for what they are rather than what they would rather be.

The perils of long distance relationships

Post Views = 3597I should probably start this article with a disclaimer: If you are in a long distance relationship please stop reading this now. Read something fun, like Plato’s allegory of the cave or the allegory of the Copernicus revolution or Galileo Galilei’s works or even better, Aristotle thoughts on modern philosophy. Or perhaps read The Divine Comedy by …

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The Affair: Part Four

Post Views = 2283I was now standing behind her, my left hand on her exposed shoulder fondling with the strap of her bra. She looked up, her lips a little parted and welcoming at that and her eyes wanting; like an Israelite in the Arabian desert praying for manna from heaven. I decided to let the manna rain, play god …

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Post Views = 1732I sit there with a pen and a piece of paper-no, a notebook. And yes, I’m old-school. I love writing and love my work to have what they call manuscripts; shattered pieces of paper that I will look at in future and remember sitting under a young shade-less acacia tree trying to pull off some Isaac Newton …

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The Affair: Part Three

Post Views = 2681Minutes turned into hours, hours into days, days into weeks and weeks into an unexplained void of nothingness inside me; trying to reach out to the healing power of catharsis but nothing to show for it. I attributed the lack of healing to my moral corruption as Immanuel Kant would have it. I remembered his book; the …

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Zero Hour

Post Views = 365Timing is something that I can never get quite right especially when it comes to relationships. I have met the girl of my dreams the month before she left to go study abroad; formed an incredibly close friendship with an attractive lady who happened to be taken; met another one but she was too outgoing; fell in …

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The Affair: Part Two

Post Views = 492The premonition had not been for her but for me. I was a man on the run, on the run from myself, my selfish proclivities and my past which was fast catching up with me. I wanted so badly to detach myself from these but I didn’t know how. I was a prisoner of selves, a captive …

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