Cooper Jose Njoroge

Writer, poet, painter, philosopher, a student of life and politics, and loves mathematics. Highly analytical and highly unconventional. Whatsapp @+254786344267. Twitter @_philosking. Instagram @cj_njoroge

Huyu Mtoto Tulisomesha

Post Views = 1856That is what they say back in the village whenever I visit. I hear silent whispers at the stage that ‘mutongoria’ (the leader) has arrived. That is what they now call me having learnt during my graduation (which was heavily attended by the way), that I studied Political Science. I do not need to notify my mother …

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Dear Moriaty

Post Views = 2108It has been a while since our last correspondence. I address you as Moriaty to conceal your real identity just so my friends won’t be on my back and neck immediately after am done writing this. More so, yours won’t be visiting your inbox to ask if we are back together or we broke up again or …

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Death and Eternity

Post Views = 2593We ponder, we meditate, we consider, we reason, we figure, we contemplate, we envisage, we cogitate, we deliberate with ourselves but the only time people really think about death and eternity is at funerals; and even then, it is often shallow sentimental thinking based on ignorance. It is a curious thing, the death of a loved one. …

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Why you don’t need to test drive

Post Views = 2128After my piece on celibacy and following the decision to become celibate myself, I have become inclined to support those who make the decision to stay celibate or in extension those who support the cause. Celibacy can be one hell of a lifestyle considering the weight it lifts off our shoulders from the pressure we are mostly …

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Is Love Real?

Post Views = 1527Love surely is a human construct. A hedge against the terror of mortality. I believe that, but it doesn’t account for the times I have felt it myself; with my parents, my mother especially (Damn! I love that woman), my romantic partners (there has been more than one; in gambling terms we would call that an over …

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Why your son will never play in the EPL

Post Views = 3685The world cup starts in less than three days and football is all over the air; but before we start a conversation about world cup, there’s something else you should know first. The most popular league in Kenya is not the Kenyan premier league but the English Premier league mostly referred to as the EPL. Most football …

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