Carol Gacheri

Mother, tell me

Post Views = 626Let me ask mother I stopped the tears but they flowed What now? Mother, you held me on the shoulders. And I recited in my small boy voice That men don’t cry and their tears dried When Murungu made them Their wells emptied out Mother but I have seen the sky somersault The sun has stood right …

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Diamond jar

Post Views = 735My jar was golden, all gold It shone, it glittered, it sparkled I held it carefully in both hands My eyes never left my jar I carried it around, in my hands I dreamt my jar, I spoke my jar The golden jar was me But I stumbled My toe trapped by a creeper My jar came …

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Tough love

Post Views = 568Strict upbringing can, without being squeezed even a little, be what I would like to call TOUGH LOVE. Has your parent, I mean the one who claims to have given you life done something, something that they do to you and you forget how to spell the word ‘cat’ for what feels like a couple of hours? …

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