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The tie that binds

Post Views = 25003 I’m beginning to see the wisdom in keeping an ocean between oneself and one’s own relatives. Family is the tie that binds, but while one end undergirds human civilization, the other is a noose choking away our individuation. We enjoy occasional meals, exchange Christmas cards but the reason we are always vexed is the notion that …

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The writer’s curse

Post Views = 36959 Man was born to live either in the convulsions of misery, or in the lethargy of boredom. And if life, the craving for which is the very essence of our being, were possessed of any positive intrinsic value, there would be no such thing as boredom at all: mere existence would satisfy us in itself, and …

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Where did we miss a step?

Post Views = 21468 It is of no surprise to anyone that we live in wicked times in which the worth of human life has been lost, where moral integrity has crumbled, and where innocence is trampled in a seemingly cultural way. We live in times where the innocence of children is no longer protected, the moral integrity of our …

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Literary gangster Binyavanga Wainaina is dead

Post Views = 13589 No artist is mono-dimensional: every creative spirit is a complex creature and the receptacle of numerous influences, seen and unseen. And when we come to the end of our journeys as we must, it ought to be the import of our life’s work that matters. That is why I write this in memory of Binyavanga, to …

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Depths of despair

Post Views = 6082 I find her a challenge, one that in spite of all she has done continues to stimulate; and so, the conversation in my head futile as it may be continues and I’m left to wonder, have I simply failed to find the answers to the questions that preoccupy me? Or can they not be answered at …

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The obsession of lust

Post Views = 5323 Today’s piece is none like any other we have done on this platform before. It is one of a kind. Perhaps one of many like it to come. It is story, a Bible story to precise, narrated by none other than my little brother Brian- a very shrewd and intelligent fella. All credit goes to him. …

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