Am Done With Socialites!

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By Jonnmajor untamed


She   said she was okay with a humble life

And I was quick to promise heaven right here on earth

The thought was elating, chilling, comforting and rife

I had finally netted a socialite!

We can make Romeo and Juliet, she asserted

I felt like I was high on morphine


First it was the horse hair

More expensive than a limousine and with a distinctive flair

‘My hair is sassy, elegant and gold-plated’

I guess it’s the reason I couldn’t touch her

Even her waist was out of bounds

She was a remote controlled device, hard to please with my pounds

I promised her heaven, she gave me hell


She partied like an addict, went hard like a maniac

Her taste of accessories out of this world- it baffled me

Her smile immortal, it wrung me dry

Curvaceous, sumptuous, delicious

So disarming it prompted me to take a bow

But I had no voice, no choice, no poise

I ended up staring, devouring the wrapped meat


We swore nothing could come between us

But the instagram nudity

Led my sweet fame seeker to God knows where

With potbellied tycoon bangster cascading whips for a million bucks

Was I duped, just a formality?

I swear by the name of the private developer

Am done with socialites!

-photo credit:galleryhip

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