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Mzangila is a lifestyle brand focusing on the mastery of a man’s domain; touching upon booze, art, women, food, design, entertainment, conversation, looking good and living well.

  • Swine and wine
  • Express yourself
  • What every man should know
  • A man’s guide
  • A man with ambitions
  • Drink connoisseurs
  • The life of Mzangila Snr
  • Whiskey
  • Common scents
  • A look to the back
  • The evolution of women
  • Life basics
  • Love
  • Relationships
  • Heartbreaks
  • Accessories

A man’s guide- leave a tip, clean your apartment, change a tire, set the mood, undo a bra, tie a tie, get into a nightclub, do the groceries, speed read,  read a woman’s medicine cabinet, sew a button, do the laundry, choose the right wine, play poker, throw a party, keep your bar well stocked with nice drinks, cure a hangover, iron clothes, purchase flowers, make restaurant reservations, manage stress, prepare breakfast in bed, send a proper email, be a gentleman, love GOD.

A man’s domain is no longer about buying a big leather couch, a coffee table and dropping it in front of your 70″ big screen. It’s about paying attention to the details. Mzangila exists to fill the void of resources that serve to enhance and define a man’s own personal human experience within the confines of his domain.

The truth of the matter is that to be a gentleman, your style needs to be expressed and carried beyond your outward appearance, extending from your entryway all the way to your bedroom with every everything you touch, smell, see, hear and even taste. Our philosophy is the tailored man needs a tailored living space that conveys his own personal taste and sensibilities and vice versa.

A woman’s guide- be a woman, stand like a man, doesn’t owe anyone emoticons, apologies or exclamations; feminine feminist, single and awesome, bitchy, okay never to read 50 shades of Grey, okay to like sex, might be able to rock kids’ shoes, confidence is really sexy, like your grays, unpainted toenails are the bomb diggity, knows her bra size, her panties have no lines, love church .

Mzangila  is a conglomerate of writers, who with passion bring forward the best of tales. It is all about doing what we enjoy.


  1. Mzangila Snr
  2. Agnes Sikuku
  3. Charity Moraa
  4. Mbula Robertinah
  5. Rehema Zuberi
  6. Joseph Ngugi
  7. Rich Blaze
  8. Charles Moseti

Our goal is to help others step up.

Contact us through: info@mzangila.com or 0716503589

Facebook page: Mzangila

Twitter: @omuzangila

Instagram: Mzangila

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