A walk into the SDA church

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Am I the only one who is struggling with personal identity? I have had

several conversations with friends and attended a couple of seminars,

identity remains a desire of ages. Listening to experts and men of

accomplishments speak, you become ignited in spirit and expect things to

turn upside down in a minute. I may not be certain about you but I can tell

from experience that I was not born to be a mere person whose work is to

dream, desire and never have something tangible to show the world. There is

often a sense of purpose when somebody says something good about you. It

can be a simple thing you did to someone, an act of love, of kindness, of

benevolence. It was from this desire for a noble cause, greater than

material possessions and richness that I was inspired to have a solemn walk

to the SDA Church. ‘Maybe I would find answers to all my questions,’ I

thought. To be rich is a noble thing, to have a great family is an

excellent thing. However, I wanted to find out who I was, why should the

whole universe be against one man. What worked out for everyone else seemed

to be working against me. I circumspectively entered the church, ushered in

by the deacons to where I took my seat.

After the song service which was incredibly awesome (I must confess this),

a minister of the gospel was invited to give a sermon. I had gone to church

before but this particular day was special. It was the day I ate my share

of honey. I had heard that Ezekiel the prophet of God ate the word and

behold it tasted as sweet as honey, John the disciple of Jesus when he was

left at the island of Patmos to die was given the same honey and now it was

my turn. I knew for certain, I had found my true identity. I usually walk

with a pen along with my infinix smartphone. While it is not necessary to

mention, it is important to me since it is the only asset I own or should I

be reminded that it is a liability eating from my poor wallet fifty

shilling every day? I borrowed a paper from an apparently innocent lady who

was sitting beside me. She was very attentive to ensure no single word from

the minister went to waste. As if that was not enough, she carefully wrote

down the main points. Who was I not to learn not only from the minister but

also from this lady who seemed to have found something that I was certainly

lacking? My mind was taken captive within no time and was now consumed with

the message from the man of God. How can I afford to hold back what I


The minister was preaching on the topic, “It’s not about SDA Church, it’s

about you, your identity.” Regardless of your denomination, or your day of

worship, there are some messages when spoken pierces like a two edged

sword. No matter how controversial you maybe, you stand to benefit anyway.

“I believe the Bible is the word of God,” I thought. I then heard the

speaker emphasize on the book of James chapter one verses twenty two. It

says, “Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what

it says.” I began to think how often I had received inspirational messages

not from preachers, not from motivational speakers, not from the good books

I had read without doing one damn thing about it. It was a rebuke. “I must

walk the talk,” I challenged myself. Then the preacher went on to explain

that from the beginning was the word, the word was with God and the word

was God. Through the word everything was created. Without the word nothing

which was created could be made. He then added a flavour from the book of

John chapter seventeen verse seventeen. It says, “Sanctify them by the

truth; your word is truth.” Oh! How precious. The psalmist had said, “Your

word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.” I began to connect that

if I were to find my identity, I had to know and understand this word. The

Bible is an inspired word of God. Through the Bible God speaks to us and

gives us direction and answer to every need. God doesn’t demand so much

from human beings but obedience to his word. It was then it dawned on me

that before I was born, God knew me and all the days of my life were

written on his palm. He has a good plan for everyone if only we could trust

Him and obey all his precepts. “If you want to connect with God and know

his purpose in your life, make it your habit to prayerfully study the

scriptures every day,” The Preacher persuaded. “Study the Bible with an

open mind and with humility and drink from the living well spring,’’ He

continued. By the end of his first theme, I had been convinced that during

the time of ignorance, God overlooked the wicked ways of sinners. However,

the truth having been revealed, the Lord calls all men to repentance. The

speaker concluded that the Holy Scriptures was the first doctrine of the

SDA church and it was important to learn it first. The scripture is an

infallible word of God. Every living mortal has an obligation to practice

what it says. I realized I was in the right place.

The second doctrine that the preacher taught was the great controversy. I

learnt that all humanity is now involved in a great controversy between

Christ and Satan regarding the character of God, his law, and his

sovereignty over the universe. It was then I found that this conflict

originated in heaven when a created being, endowed with freedom of choices,

in self- exaltation became Satan, God’s adversary, and led into rebellion a

portion of the angels. He introduced the spirit of rebellion into this

world when he led Adam and Eve into sin. This human sin resulted in the

distortion of the image of God in humanity. The preacher was eloquent. I

was created in the image of God, through sin that image was distorted.

Perhaps that is why most people think they are ugly and attempt to beautify

themselves , or is it a superficial way of looking at the image of God? The

great controversy is the origin of all dissension and confusion we have in

the world today. Nonetheless, there is hope. Jesus Christ, the Word, and

through the Holy Spirit we will be led into all truth.

I feel inclined to go on and on to share the message I learnt in my solemn

walk to the SDA Church. Among the doctrines that fascinated me included;

Christ’s ministry in the Heavenly Sanctuary, the Sabbath especially why

Sabbath worship and not Sunday?, The Gift of Prophecy, The Remnant and Its

Mission, Christian Behavior, and last but not least Growing in Christ.  The

minister continued to teach from the scriptures and I was satisfied that

there was something I was lacking and now I had found it. Like the Bereans

in Paul’s time, I pledged allegiance to the LORD that I will study the

Bible with humility by myself to discover all truth through the guidance of

the Holy Spirit. When the preacher finished, I turned to the lady who had

given me the piece of paper for writing and gave her a generous and

grateful smile as I walked out.

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