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It is never easy to do something that people love. It is even harder to get attention from a couple of people trying to convince them how your stuff rocks (unless you are James Bond, and your stuff does sell itself, it has in built gimmicking ability). People, especially Kenyans, hardly promote their fellow Kenyans. Either they are jealous or just think of coming with a similar idea to compete with you, with the aim of completely ousting you. Though it kind of hits the wall because some niches need passion more than they need the end result (what do you think? Money of course).

Coming up with Mzangila was not a one day idea like you may think. It took me time and a combination of efforts to realize that I would be able to hold it up, maintain it for sustainability and treasure it close to my heart. It is a blog that will then change within next few weeks to being one of the most central thing in my life. Just like a book, it has been an open book that I spread all my life for you people to read.

My writing history goes way back to when I could write exemplary compositions in class four. Later it graduated to writing of poems and love letters in high school for my classmates. A few years later I was doing so many stories for local mags and blogs, content for websites, SEO stuff and, and doing editing here and there. I have done and still doing content for like 10 blogs, two mags and newspaper. This right here is stuff I am not supposed to share because I have never shared a link of any story from these blogs, just their policy you know.

I have not been aggressive towards writing quality stuff like the likes of Bikozulu but with time my efficacy will improve tremendously. To me writing does not have to be like as if I am writing a term paper or an end of year project. It won’t make sense if I do not embrace simplicity in order to send the message home. Again I have this busy life of writing. The only time I find to scribble things on my blog is little and can’t think straight. But given time you will be getting big things, as those black niggers with bigger things syndrome call them.

It is now close to four months since Mzangila incepted. By the way Mzangila is my nickname, which simply goes in tandem with my gentleman characteristics. I have had worse nicknames in elementary school, high school and even college. I am not ready to crush my good name in public by stating those nicknames. They are those kind of nicknames that people brand you for being jealousy, you are simply better than them and they strain bringing you to a noose with a use of nasty names as elevation.

I have been a badass guy, a douchebag and someone who looks like he doesn’t owe you anything even when he does. I appreciate the way life has toughened me to be this carefree guy with a clean heart, reserved but gives no crap. I love them things dirty. If you want to enjoy this life there is only one secret. It is knowing the distinctive elements that exist between deeds and misdeeds. If you can differentiate between good and evil, based on God and the ‘right’ human expectations, what else do you need to learn from life?

Do not hold me guilty on account of terming myself as a jackass. A jackass fits on every hole that the society digs. I do not have any problem being in a bar, so long as I do not drink liquor. I do not mind sitting in dark alleys and having a little chat so long as I do not extend my arm to get a wallet from a passerby with a sling on the neck. It is a bout control and being staunch on what you believe in.

By the way I haven’t told you that I am a teetotaler. One reason why Mzangila befits me is that being a non-drinker qualifies me to be a gent. I have talked of all the fun people can have, like blowing up pot, guzzling drums of booze and stuff but I have never been a partaker of any. I find fun in doing things that do not play with my conscience and make me look like a fool.

Today was not all about profiling myself. I am here kurudisha mkono wa shukrani kwa kusoma story zangu.  It makes me smile. Even Elsie knows it when I am in good mood like I am now. And for your info people doubt whether I am the real father to Elsie. For those envying me I am sorry to say that the DNA results in London tested positive. I will post them on this forum upon inquisition.

Over these few months I have established Mzangila, I have experienced a heavy traffic. Ranging from 400-700 reads on a post. Like this story that I did on my open letter to H.E. the president which had the largest traffic of 2203 reads followed by mum dies which had over 1700 reads and the birth of Elsie which actually beats them all.

I would like to inform you that this blog will be undergoing maintenance soon to incorporate a few more features. These include a new user experience, improved graphics and a very good user interface. We will also add a few things. These include discussions (you might have seen that already up, where you can initiate a discussion and let people drive it down the slope or up the hill), featured section (to profile people and companies for our new #STATEOFMIND PROJECT CHALLENGE winners), adverts will stream in and a bit of photography.

I know you do not know that I have been a photographer for quite a while. It is a talent that does not depict in me so much. Let me not spoil it, so if you need your things done please give me a call.

#STATEOFMINDFITNESS is another lovely project that will come up on this platform to enhance relationships, marriages and overall health. It is a combination of efforts with private firms, and my very own team of HEALTH RESPECT KENYA. It is an organization you never heard of, that which only surfaces when it sees an opportunity to be seized. This was just a brief introduction of the project, which will provide a full array of fitness features embedded on building better relationships, marriages and make a healthier nation. I will profile it once all the preparations are over and send it running.

On the featured part we will display winners of the contest, models, companies or anything that wants to sell itself out there. This includes interviews, events, companies and our sponsors.

Many people have forwarded to me complaints that the blog does not open on their browsers. Will have the shit figured out soon and you will enjoy the new experience. I am sorry for that. But once the link I have sent you does not seem to work, simply go to your browser and search Mzangila.com, the story is just right there, not on the link. Na wewe pia kuwa mjanja. How do you figure where to find out info for your assignments if not googling them out? Google Mzangila too and there you go.

I hope you will be patient with us even as we migrate from one thing to another to bring you better experiences. By now I know that you have seen a few changes (which from my view were not done by an IT guy. Gotcha, that is me) which do not look amazing. Just put up with us please.

However I must say one thing here. Some behavior which my friend Jowal might term as asinine. I do not like the way you people pretend like you do not have anything to comment. You owe me that comment. I write a lot of controversial stuff here which in my view should generate a million reactions. Yet like a cocky friend you die inside with your reactions.

I have gone to an extent of providing you with two ways of commenting. One you can use the Facebook option, where you do not need to put any of your details because we already made your work easier, and the Disqus commenting plugin gives you a chance to comment.

This is how these things work. If you comment with Facebook option your comment will be as well be displayed on your timeline. Do not worry because it is a way of increasing our readership. If you use the Disqus feature, you have to enter you details. Just a name and email address, forget the website thing because even I do not know what it does with your website. So let that no worry you at all. And again once you comment once, your details are kept and next time you will not have to repeat the process.

If you are commenting for the first time the comments are held for moderation. There is a reason because there are a million spammers who want to get into your site and make a playground there. If your comment is approved the first time, next time it is express. Is does not have to wait moderation.


If you comment and the screen goes blank do not worry about it. It will appear in the comment segment. So do not bother yourself with it. Sometimes these feature are not 100% compatible with smartphones. So expect hitches here and there.

It is worth it that I give you this basic education. Next time you may need to come up with your own blog or something, so this will bolster you a great deal. Hope you followed that.

Parting shot.

As long as we keep reading this stuff, your experience matters a lot. For a better Mzangila, your feedback is encouraged. If you have trouble getting me under the social media roof, here are my contacts.

Email: mokuajustin@gmail.com

Phone: 0716503589, do not misuse the liberty of my generosity.

Facebook: Justine C. Mzangila.

Twitter: @jmokua

LinkedIn: Justin Mokua

You can find me in all the dating sites in the world. Do not hate me for that, I am still single and searching. Do not be disturbed by my weird innuendos.

All I want to say that I am grateful for the confidence that you have put in my ugly shit that I put up on here for you to read. I love being pointblank and saying things people murmur in the dark recesses of the night. I don’t fear making one or things straight so as to educate you. My main aim is to come up with some story based on what I observe in life and then conclude it with a concrete lesson.

Let us raise a toast to all of you.

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