17 signs that show he is a cheater.

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17 Signs that he is a cheater


Infidelity has become a very common phenomenon among the humankind. Both women and men cheat. Infidelity ruins relationships and marriages. It is one biggest single factor that is really a deal breaker to all the efforts of making stable relationships.

Today I want to take you through simple but killer tips of knowing if your man is a cheater. This information should not be substituted with professional information from counselors and psychologists. And for heaven’s sake, ladies don’t just wax you man because you noticed one of these signs. Do a background check on every red flag that you may uncover before going to the extent of employing extra ordinarily peril measures.

You can add more if you feel like I did not cover everything, just below in our comment section.

Overnight changes with his looks.

Well, he used to care less on his dressing, his scraggy hair and general appearance. All over a sudden he starts having executive barber cut, buys designer clothes, wears sharps suits, showers even three times a day. Wait! What happened there? What is all these?

Looks like he is hitting on a new chic out there who she wants to impress. You have a big reason to be suspicious if you really want that relationship to work. Things like hygiene take more than overnight to be achieved.

He’s Always at Work.

Overtime at work. Always claims there is a lot work back in the office. As much as he may be working hard to buy you that beautiful necklace, surprise you with birthday gifts, or even take you out to grand joints for diner, there is much than that. How come there is an extra job to be done daily and he is the only one to do it?

Either he is having an affair with some woman back at his place of work, where he spends more time after work maybe to get his D worked on, or have a standie or he is just seeing another lady who he passes by after work. You spy glass has found some new assignment, use it baby girl.

Car spic and span.

For so many years his old Pajero has been a litter bin of a metal. Back in the boot it has old bottles of beer which make the car reek of death. After a few days he is fixed the car and rolling clean on the road. Every morning he makes sure it is clean, not even your jacket can stay in his car while he goes out.

How on earth has this spirit come upon him so quickly and engulfed him in just a few seconds? That other woman has to get the impression that he is clean. And a clean car is such a perfect bedroom where they can make up, romp in the back seat at the car park, and the day goes on like nothing really happened.

Call Mohammed Ali for Jicho Pevu immediately.

Foreign hairs on his clothes.

Sometimes when you are doing his laundry especially t-shirts and shirts or even jackets, you may come across foreign strands of hair that don’t belong to your head.  Come on! Hugs don’t leave hair strands on someone’s clothes. That should have been something deeper. Underline deeper, something like…….oh yes. That is another red flag over there. Your relationship is crumbling.

Wait! What is that smell.

You probably don’t do floral fragrances in your home. But his clothes smell of a different perfume, which under that roof has never existed. It is so strong and nauseating. It is all over his clothes.

That simply means your worry should be abnormal. He was laid. He is just cheating on.

New little white lies

Liar on obvious things. He has not been lying before. And white lies are too obvious. Don’t ask yourself another question. He is hiding something. And sometimes he is uncomfortable with you asking even the least questions which should give even a kid no trouble in answering.

Internet love.

We can’t blame Zuckerberg or anyone about the social media. Internet is just one thing that has brought tremendous achievements to our lives. But he is spending much of his time online chatting with people. He always claims that he is catching up with old pals.

If accidentally you walk in when he is chatting, you will see how frantic he collapses the bars and slaps the laptop together, and looks caught pants down. He won’t let you touch or even have a look at what he does on the internet.

Social media is a wide platform and where men usual go for the unaware or aware but willing chics to have an affair. Men are forgetful. So do this; get to the history and everything is there. We always forget to delete the history.


As stated before, men are forgetful. Even after buying something or even paying for a lodging, they bury the all the receipts in their pockets instead of disposing them safely somewhere.

Once you start to discover some receipts from that lingerie store, or from a candy shop, or even birthday gift, and nothing came home, then raise the eyebrows. That is tangible evidence.

Dry spells

Sex is integral in a relationship. I mean for married couples only. So if he comes home and eases himself to bed and says nmechoka, doesn’t want to even touch you, and snores loudly, jua amekuta mtu mahali…you used enjoy concentrated sex, from kitchen, sitting room, bathroom to bed, but siku hizi hakufeel or something, a month has passed long before you saw his D in your P, some good lady uko nje anamwandalia mali mwenzangu.

Secret conversations on phone.

A common characteristic for cheaters. So many calls, especially during the night. And he gets some distance away from you and converses in low tones. The side chic is asking for the money she asked. This is another red flag. You cannot touch his phone and it has numerous passwords.

Uyo ni nani amepiga.

Ni mamy amepiga akisema daddy ni msick nitume pesa ya hospitali.

Increased arguments over petty issues

Picking fights over silly issues and storms out. He argues over nothing. And when he you argue back he leaves. Where does he go anyway? Follow him and you will end up to your competitor’s house.

Accuses you of cheating,

This happens quite often. When he is guilty of something he will just formulate false accusations to cover his tracks. If you are not cheating, you have a big reason to worry. He is just cheating and very guilty. That spy glass should work.

Need for sudden privacy

He will confine himself behind closed doors. If it is so sudden then worry yourself because you are getting roasted. Since when? You are a couple and everything is supposed to be done in the light, you should share literally everything. Privacy for what? Chat his clande? Phone sex with his side chic? Of course yes.

Moods swings

Sometimes he comes home withdrawn or even sad. And does not want you to talk to him about anything. You are his wife, why should you not? Evidently those mood swings originate from stress from another person to your home. And there is no one who can worry a man so much than a woman. You got company.

Cold shoulder

You can feel that you are growing apart. Communication fails and confrontation ceases. There are no feelings of cohesiveness any more. Sister-and-brother like relationship. Either mend it quickly or he is taken from you there and there.

He knows a lot of Women…and Makes Friends with them easily

This one happened to me a lot. Like a lot. When walking even on the streets of Nairobi so many ladies greet him and you wonder how the hell they know him. Most of these friends are mutual friends. Mutual means friends of benefits. Meaning they can randomly drop their pants for him.

Also he makes friends sooooooo easily. That sounds like me, and like my cousin too. They have no trouble in making new girls into friends. It is just a matter of seconds and they can even hit a bed minutes later.  Casanovas.

Your Friends Drop Hints

 When friends of yours start dropping hints about seeing your husband with someone, don’t think they have ill intentions or that they are jealousy. Lisemwalo lipo, ama lipo njiani.  Take them seriously and do some thorough research.

I think you now have a clue how to know your man is cheating……… take care.

Your comments please.

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