10 thoughts that go through a man’s mind when screwing a new chic.

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On random occasions men come across those women whom they can just engage in casual sex with. Look, here is the thing. We usually meet ladies who are fuckable even on the first meeting. Mostly these ladies are hot and very beautiful.

Most beautiful ladies are not necessarily wife materials because they may have nothing close to a good wife. They are engulfed so much with their beauty in that they think they can use it as a leverage to bait their men. And men know this. And they never take them into serious relationships because they are good for nothing.

The first thought that hit your head

She looks fuckable. I mean she just looks hot. Hot things have a quick grab, bang and dispose. They are so perishable and in demand. You know what I mean, like they are just there to be used by every Dick and Tom. They are the kind of girls that you go for a fucking date with.

Screwing a new chic may be such an awesome experience. You just can’t wait to taste her cunt. While it may be the nicest experience, it may turn out to be the worst experience. Why? Some of the many good looking chics, I mean hot chics, are whores. And a slurt on many occasions has no breaks in her P. imagine banging a thread less P. It is such a waste of energy.

Sometimes you can get a nice one, with a tight P. That is just on rare occasions. And you should be thankful if you get one to grace your occasion.

We usually get excited at the thought of a new Pussy. Personally I get jubilated, though I hardly screw around. It is not my thing anymore. I get good chics, but being the principled bitch I am I have never taken advantage of the situation. Heaven knows why.

The fact that I don’t screw around does not mean I don’t have any experience. I have lots of it because my past was a dark one.

So what are these things that come to mind when you are having a new chic for breakfast? Here we go.

  • Does she know how to kiss?

Yes she has luscious lips. But does she know how to kiss a man. Or is she a bisexual? That is even better you know. I love bisexuals. A good kiss may be a direct ticket to good sex. If she kisses well, she may be great in bed.

  • Ouch! Nice boobs

Even before you get hold of her bare boobs, right from the outside you have to check whether they are good or just a piece of shit. The way they are lying inside that dress or bra talks a lot. If they look round and nice, then that weird thought comes around. I love breath taking boobs to suckle. Come on, I like something to fondle.

  • What a great ass.

Some of the things that make men go wild are those ladies with a big ass. It is intimidating and really something to hold onto. I hate a flat ass, you know why? Flat assed ladies look more of a man than a lady. Can’t sustain a second look buddy.

  • Is she great in bed?

Again we love women who are great in bed. When you look at her you want to imagine that she knows the game. A lazy pumpkin in bed is such a big turn off. Does she know how to groove in bed?

After you hope to bed things tend to change. You wanna look at her from all angles. You want to feel every part of her body. Though being the first time things might not be as great.

  • Oops! Her boobs are so flabby. They have been suckled and pulled a lot, like really a lot.

What the fuck!  On most occasions things may not be what they look like on the surface. The bras do wonderful jobs. Those nice boobs might turn up to be small flabby boobs that look like those of an 80 year old granny. Damn! These just raises another more intricate question.

  • How many Ds have been to that P? How many has the P taken in?

For some reason you have to kagua the luggage, the thing in between her legs. You don’t want to drive to hell which you haven’t looked at. So you look at it, if it is shaved, if it is protruded or just flat, runs from her ass up to her navel or just a small hole. You want to be sure that you will walk somewhere safe. How often does she fuck? How large is this hole? Is this the hole that delivers a baby (if it looks vestigial like)? Where does my D go after I insert it?

Sometimes you even have to give a finger to research your environment well before you pitch a tent. You touch the clit and see how she responds.

Is she going to cry? Is she going to fucking hold me in between her enormous thighs and burn my D till I cry? There are so many question that emerge. But most of all you wonder, ni wangapi washakagua iyo mali. You just wonder if she has experienced a lot bigger Ds than yours. Is she the Dick, Tom and Harry Pussy giver kind of girl or what?

  • What does she think of my D?

Once you send the boxer flying off your hips and reveal that shuma thing, the way she looks at it talks a lot. Has she seen larger Ds than mine? How many of these has she seen? If she looks at it longer than usual then it implies two things. Either she is mesmerized at how big it is and probably wondering if she can really take all of it, or just devastated at the small size of your D.

So sex becomes the next thing, and deep inside you wander into the miasma of sexual pleasures. More thoughts ax your mind again afterwards.

  • That pussy was tight.

You may be surprised to find out that she still has a maintained pussy. A tight one. You give a credit where it deserves. Such pussy is not the one that you just dip and roll over after you are through. You can hold onto her for longer. It is someone you may want to bang again. She is someone you may decide to give a second thought.

  • She is great in bed.

If she is great in bed you having nothing to complain. You look at her with that look saying “girl you are a lioness.”  When a woman is great in bed you don’t have to worry if you sexed her right or not because there is no way you can go wrong for a good bed performer.

Girls fall for men who are great in bed. So if she decides to fuck you the first date, then she has a feeling that you really know how to fuck…..

again, have you ever heard of this slogan, MARRY THE UGLY ONES AND SHARE THE BEAUTIFUL ONES? well, that is for you to think about.

Just get your pants on, give her a hug and give her a nice send off……..what do you think?

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  1. Flabbergasting!! I thought jamaas are usually blank while on it… and u Admin,, accept that beautiful women intimidate you rather than portray them as sluts..

    • the name majority is the key word. beautiful chics hardly know the game…just busy with making themselves pretty for men, n they forget some ‘importanter’ things

    • Wee….mind blogging…. I thought if u loved even sagging boobs and lost turgidity didn’t matter

      • hehee, I said when hitting a new chic Stance….
        when it comes to love,rships n marriage it is something diff….

  2. just hit me twice:you are terrible:-D

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